Tempesta 210

Simply a great shower feeling

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A Modern Look

For every bathroom

The sleek polished head shower and cylindrical profile make the Tempesta 210 the perfect choice for modern, architectural bathrooms.

A shower system that is easy to install, the Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210 offers all the advantages of GROHE technology. The head shower and shower arm can be swivelled to create the perfect angle. The shower rail features an inner water guide and the thermostat's GROHE TurboStat technology means you can take a luxurious shower that always stays at the preselected temperature.

A Modern Look For Every Bathroom
A Modern Look For Every Bathroom
Sleek and shinning

Covered In Pure Chrome

Sleek and Shinning

The Tempesta 210 catches the eye with its minimalistic form and beautiful chrome finish. The sparkling chrome surface and the play of water droplets create a fascinating effect for even more shower enjoyment.

Covered In Pure Chrome