Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Our modern kitchens of today have become more than just a place to prepare food. It is an important part of the home, an activity hub that gathers your loved ones together to socialise while giving them the sustenance needed to carry out their daily routines. Therefore, the design of the kitchen has to incorporate elements to meet these requirements without compromising on the basic functionalities. If you are wondering whether a major overhaul is required to enhance your kitchen, here’s the good news: small upgrades are equally effective, fuss-free and more time-saving!


It is important to consider the various purposes of your kitchen when planning the design. This does not mean you need to completely change the layout – you can rearrange certain elements such as tables and storage containers, or re-organise your crockery and cooking utensils.


Selecting the right lighting for your kitchen can greatly influence the mood of the room and its overall aesthetic. Bright lights are visually stimulating and can emphasise the shine of your sinks and taps. On the other hand, dimmer lighting can add a romantic and relaxing twist to the space, which may be useful if you plan to eat in the room as well. Want the best of both worlds? Go for adjustable lightings that you can brighten or dim based on your plans for the day.


One of the most important components in the kitchen is the faucet, and it is important to select your kitchen tap carefully so that you can maximise its use and features based on your kitchen habits. Modern kitchen taps now come with a host of features and technologies that can make your time spent in the kitchen a joy rather than a chore. They come in many trendy colours and various sleek minimalistic shapes to match the theme of your kitchen.

One of the great technological innovations of modern kitchen taps is the addition of user-friendly, intuitive controls. The GROHE Zedra SmartControl sink mixer feature’s the brand’s patented push-and-turn water control technology, which allows you to turn the water on and off with just your wrist, which is especially useful when your hands are occupied. Along with its polished, streamlined design, it can become an eye-catching (literally!) statement piece in your kitchen.


If you are a fan of the minimalist style, you can use some of our storage hacks to organise and transform your kitchen. Make use of big cupboards to store larger and bulkier items away from view, and consider opting for products without handles to ensure a clean and tidy look. Remove all unnecessary or rarely-used objects from your exposed kitchen space and your kitchen will look like a showroom in no time.