The Top Bathroom Trends Of 2021

The importance of a stylish bathroom with quality fittings cannot be overstated. As you prepare for the day ahead, taking a shower or brushing your teeth in a sleek, trendy space can boost your mood. After a long day, you are likely to wind down in that same space as well. Transforming your bathroom according to the latest bathroom trends in 2021 might help lift your morning routine and end your evening with a relaxing note, so here are some ideas to help inspire you to achieve a stylish bathroom in no time.


Bring the outdoors indoors: Green-minded spaces that bring the essence of Mother Nature into the bathroom have been trending in the recent years and seem to show no signs of abating. Combine the luxurious fittings in your bathroom with natural shades on the wall as well as an array of beautiful green plants to create your very own mini forest. You can even tweak this natural theme to reflect the expansive blue sea vistas just by adjusting your colour scheme and other décor around your desired look.

Become an eco-warrior: Opt for bamboo or sustainably sourced wood for your shelves or cabinets in your bathroom. While such natural materials can be more susceptible to damp and rot, with the right treatment methods, they can be impervious to such water damage. With small potted plants and natural textiles (think linens and cottons), you can nail the eco-friendly look easily without compromising on sophistication.


Stylish, not clinical: In the past, it was common for bathrooms to be completely tiled, making cleaning a breeze but unfortunately sacrificing the visual appearance. One of the latest bathroom trends is to treat your bathroom like any other room in your house, so you can wallpaper to your heart’s content or pick a stylish and exciting colour of paint for your space.

Just make sure you pair any bold, colourful prints with understated, classy fittings so as not to overwhelm your senses. If you’re happy with the colour scheme in your bathroom, you can still refresh your bathroom by coordinating your fittings to match the colour scheme of your bathroom.


Personal spa at home: Spa-like bathrooms are all the rage this year, as having a home spa is a great alternative to going out. A spa is about a feeling of luxury, so the size of your bathroom is no problem. A rain shower can be installed in the smallest of spaces – consider the GROHE Rainshower SmartActive hand shower that is packed with heaps of features for the most enjoyable showering experience possible at your fingertips. It has three different spray patterns to fit your various needs:

The Rain spray provides a gentle shower for relaxation and meditation.
The Jet spray invigorates you with a hydrotherapy-like water jet.
The ActiveMassage spray has pulsating massage jets to soothe your tired muscles.

Blocking bold colours: Make the most of your bathroom space by blocking bold but complementary colours, such as blue and white or purple and grey. This trend works well in small spaces – even in a tiny bathroom! Be fearless and create your own colour block in your bathroom, then pair with natural accessories such as pot plants or sustainable materials for a bold but classy look.


The devil is in the details: Whether you’re picking a soap dish or toothbrush holder or towel rack, fully accessorised bathrooms are hot stuff this year. Besides having high quality fittings, a good bathroom can be elevated into a great bathroom with s splash of individuality – think little trinkets or plants you put in your bathroom, or vintage finds and millennial pastel accessories that reflect your personal style and complement the overall theme.