As your family begins to expand and grow it’s important to consider the safety of key home spaces. The bathroom and kitchen can become a hazardous place, with hot elements causing avoidable injuries, and the busyness of the modern family kitchen limiting enjoyable family time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a home that is suitable for every family member, whether they are 9 months or 99!

Don’t worry, just because your bathroom or kitchen needs to accommodate your family’s requirements it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the super stylish, and modern home of your dreams.


When considering upgrading your family bathroom it’s key to think about how the shower will be used every day, and by whom.

Switching to a walk-in shower will help limit the risk of falls and injuries by eliminating the need to step in or out over a high bath wall. Keeping the shower at floor level will help family members who have difficulty keeping their balance or may be unsteady on their feet. You can also add additional grips to the shower tray and outside the shower enclosure to make sure that the area is as safe as possible.

Did you know that scalding injuries can occur from the hot surface of the shower? As hot water from the pipes courses through the shower it can considerably heat up the shower’s body, making it very hot and running the risk burning skin that encounters it, especially sensitive skin.

Combat this risk by upgrading your shower to one that features GROHE CoolTouch® technology. GROHE CoolTouch® limits this risk by featuring a cooling channel within the body of your shower’s thermostat. The cooling channel acts as a reverse hot water bottle by utilising the cold-water supply to create a barrier between the hot water coming from the pipes and the external surface of your shower.