Modern Bathroom Ideas

The modern bathroom of 2021 has expanded from being a place of practical functionality to a personal sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, we all need that period – albeit briefly – of time where we can take a break and unwind in peace. A relaxing shower can do wonders for our busy minds and better prepare us for the day ahead. Thus, our bathrooms today need to meet more than just our practical concerns. A functional and stylish design, coupled with modern fittings and high quality finishes, is what sets the modern bathroom apart from the rest.


Tap on technological innovations and sleek designs to add a modern feel to your bathroom. The new GROHE Lineare basin mixer is an award-winning design that can quickly elevate the look of your bathroom from basic to contemporary just by making a simple faucet upgrade. Its minimalistic design and varied height offerings makes it very versatile and can easily complement your existing basin style, such as countertop, undercounter or vessel wash basins.


To turn your bathroom into your personal wellness spa, adding the right accessories can bring forth that experience. Scented candles, small potted plants, stylish soap dishes, and tasteful toothbrush holders all contribute to creating that spa-like ambience. These little touches also make your newly fitted bathroom more personalised, familiar and close to your heart.


With the wide array of options in the market these days, customising your shower fittings is a walk in the park. If you want to build on the home spa experience for your bathroom, consider doing a simple hand shower upgrade. For example, one of the unique features of the GROHE Rainshower SmartActive hand shower is the variety of spray patterns you can effortlessly switch between for different shower experiences. The Rain spray offers a gentle relaxing shower, while the Jet spray is a power shower with hydrotherapy-esque water jets. If you want to soothe your tired muscles after a long day, the ActiveMassage spray’s pulsating massage jets will wash the stress and tension away from your body.


Sustainability is a huge global trend that you can incorporate into your modern bathroom. However, being eco-friendly does not need to be expensive or require major overhauls. For example, replacing your bathroom fittings with those that have sustainable features can make a difference too. The GROHE Lineare basin mixer has an EcoJoy function that features a flow-limiting mousseur with aerator. This helps to reduce water consumption without compromising on its performance or the user’s experience.


Another popular bathroom trend is the minimalist concept. To adopt this in your space, make sure you have good bathroom storage to avoid any clutter. This also helps to create a sense of calm and harmony in your bathroom design while highlighting the design of your fittings and furnishings. If you wish, you can decorate your open shelves with a few choice products for a more personalised style that does not compromise the overall minimalist layout.