Is your bathroom as safe as it could be? It may seem like an odd concern but, between the 1st of April 2020 and the 31st of March 2021 there were 602 hospital admissions from scald injuries, specifically from taps. Out of the total 812 scald injury admissions (from pipes, heating appliances etc) the very young (0-4) and the elderly (70+) made up 48% of them, making these two age categories extremely at risk of harbouring these injuries.

Kevin Williams, CEO of CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Hearing Engineering) said in response to the scald injury data “...most incidents will have been avoidable with the use of thermostatic mixing valves...”

Upgrading your current shower and bath mixer to a thermostatic mixing valve is one way in which you can make your bathroom safer from burns. GROHE range of thermostatic valves host a myriad of safety benefits to give you and your family peace of mind.


GROHE TurboStat® cartridge is an innovative piece of technology that helps keep your water at a consistent temperature throughout your shower.

The TurboStat® cartridge’s internal thermocouple is highly sensitive meaning that it quickly reacts to any changes within water pressure.

This ensures that if any changes occur, can be reacted to quickly - reducing the risk of you experiencing scorching or freezing temperatures in your shower when water is being used elsewhere (for example someone starts the washing up).


One danger when it comes to showering is the skin burning if it comes into contact with the body of the shower valve. With hot water constantly running through the shower system, the valve can become very hot, even hotter than the water coming out of the tap, meaning that the risk of scalding increases if you or a child accidentally touches it. GROHE CoolTouch® technology limits this risk by including a cooling channel within the body of the thermostat which creates a barrier between the hot water and the external surface of the thermostat.

The Grohtherm 1000 Performance, Grohtherm 1000, Grohtherm 2000 and Grohtherm SmartControl thermostats also offer 100% CoolTouch®, this means even the wall couplings are shrouded in the innovative protective housing.


Are you concerned about your child accidentally increasing the temperature of their shower or bath to dangerously high temperatures? The GROHE SafeStop function is featured in all Grohtherm thermostats and puts you in control of the temperature of your shower by allowing you to limit its temperature. The SafeStop function works with a mechanical stop on the thermostat itself, stopping at 38 degrees. If a higher temperature is desired the temperature can be increased by pressing the button on the temperature handle.

In order to protect young children and the elderly from scalding injuries, GROHE SafeStop Plus blocks the temperature from going above 43 degrees, even if the button is pressed the temperature will not increase.